photo of the Sanctuary stained glass windows during summer with trees outside

Board of Trustees

Members, 2017-18

Ariel Mora
Carol Bertaut, Treasurer
Ellen Kelley, Assistant Treasurer
Gail Riley, President-Elect
Greg Falcigno, Secretary
Jim Anderson, President
Linda Gianessi
Peggy Jackson
Raj Rajendran
Rebecca Nachtrieb, Assistant Secretary
Suzanne Pineau

To connect with the Board of Trustees, please email the Board President at

Minutes from Meetings

View all of the meeting minutes from the 2017-18 church year here.

Board of Trustees Covenant

As Trustees, we covenant to keep the best interests of the Congregation at heart and to carry out the trust placed in us as guardians of our Vision/Mission and as stewards of Cedar Lane’s resources. We will exchange ideas thoughtfully, honestly, and respectfully as we seek to understand different perspectives and strive to reach a position we can all support.​ When the inevitable challenges occur in our interactions, we will stay in community and reaffirm the values that brought us together. We will hear all voices, commit to the decision of the group, and communicate frequently with the Congregation. representatives of the Congregation, we will be generous in support of our Vision/Mission and mindful that our example influences the community as a whole.

Board Policy Manual

This Board of Trustee's policy manual includes a collection of documents that define Cedar Lane's rules, policies, and procedures, and guides staff and lay-leadership in in their work.

Covenant of Right Relations

Cedar Lane adopted a Covenant of Right Relations in October 2017, as an important step in clarifying expectations and creating a safe environment for the congregation.

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held usually on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm in Room 1-2 downstairs. Board meetings are open to all Cedar Lane members. To request time on the agenda or learn more about a current topic of Board discussion, email Board President Jim Anderson at or leave him a note in the church office.  Minutes are recorded at each of these meetings and may be viewed here.

News from the Board

All Board news and announcements may be found on the News & Publications page.