Our Updated Green Sanctuary Covenant

January 24, 2019

Dear Cedar Lane faith community,

Your Environmental Justice Ministry has updated our commitments to the Cedar Lane Green Sanctuary to be commensurate with UU green principles that address climate change. We have had some good results over the past year, and now we are asking all members to come on board and improve our overall Cedar Lane performance. Our Board of Trustees and ministers have signed on to the revised Green Sanctuary covenant.

To date:

  1. We now have a successful composting program, which we hope to improve upon in 2019.
  2. We ask that you use china dishes/silver ware and cups and wash them afterwards. Our industrial dishwasher cycle is only 90 seconds for clean, sterilized dishes. When you organize an event at Cedar Lane or with your Ministry team/group please try to use the existing resources. We also have compostable plates, cups, and cloths napkins in the pantry.
  3. Our biggest challenge to date is the recycling program. EJM and staff finds that whole containers of recycling materials have been contaminated with food scraps or coffee. We have blue bins that are strictly for recycling of glass, plastic containers, metal and paper, avoid food or drinks.

View our Green Sanctuary Covenant: