photo of members in the Lounge socializing after worship services on a Sunday

Ministry Teams & Contact Information

Cedar Lane and its members sponsor, host, and/or support many ministry teams and their good work.  Below you may find a comprehensive view of the teams and committees at Cedar Lane and contact information for each group.

The Alliance 

We invite men and women to come together for social, cultural and community service opportunities. Come join our monthly potluck on the 2nd Thursday of each month from noon to 2 pm (September - June), our Tuesday bridge group, our marathon bridge group, monthly book group or monthly film series.

Alliance President: Sue Woodruff,

Alliance Books: Helen Pechacek,

Alliance Jewelry Sales: Judy Laurenson,

Assistant Minister Transition Team

Team Leader: Tim Persons,

A/V Team

The AV Team facilitates the church’s “nurture community” mission by providing audio and video support. Simply put, we ensure that participants in every church occasion can hear and see every event, for both able-bodied members and members with hearing or mobility disabilities. In addition to supporting Sunday services, we also enhanced scores of additional events, including memorial services, weddings, concerts, films, symposiums, lectures, meetings, etc. 

Team Leaders: Michael Morse / Rick Lohmeyer,


Cedar Lane holds an annual auction in early November that acts as a major fundraiser for the church. 

Team Leader: Kathie Bryant,

Board of Trustees

As Trustees, we covenant to keep the best interests of the Congregation at heart and to carry out the trust placed in us as guardians of our Vision/Mission and as stewards of Cedar Lane’s resources. We will exchange ideas thoughtfully, honestly, and respectfully as we seek to understand different perspectives and strive to reach a position we can all support.​ When the inevitable challenges occur in our interactions, we will stay in community and reaffirm the values that brought us together. We will hear all voices, commit to the decision of the group, and communicate frequently with the Congregation. representatives of the Congregation, we will be generous in support of our Vision/Mission and mindful that our example influences the community as a whole.

Board President: Gail Riley,

Board President-Elect: Peggy Jackson,

Board Treasurer: Ellen Kelley, 

Capital Assets Planning: Mary Means (, Maryann Dillon (

Capital Campaign Task Force: Regina Dull (, Don Bliss (

Development/Fundraising Committee: Regina Dull (

Endowment Commitee: Betty May Cleary

Financial Policy Commitee: Jack Welch (

Governance Committee: Jim Kelley (

Human Resources Commitee: Jack Welch (

Mosaic Makers Committee: Alison Moses (

Books Team

We supply and stock the book cart on Sundays after worship services and provide books for special events, such as the annual Kiplinger Lecture.

Laura Leigh Palmer,

Committee on Ministry Team

Ann Meyer,

Denominational Affairs

The primary responsibility of the denominational affairs committee is to provide a liaison between the congregation and both the Unitarian Universalist Association and the region. 

Dino Drudi,

Director of Lifespan Religious Education Transition Team

Transition Team Leader: Linda Gianessi,

Facilities Team

Nancy Bliss,

Flower Team

The mission of the Flower Team is to provide decorative beauty and the spiritually of nature for Sunday services through seasonal and artistic floral arrangements. Members of the team design and produce these arrangements for the Sanctuary every Sunday and for the Chapel when it is used to support the Religious Education program. Arrangements are typically presented in a variety of Japanese Ikebana styles or Western-style bouquets, etc. We meet on an as-needed basis for a schedule sign up/potluck lunch, during which we also discuss any issues that come up and socialize. We are always open to new members, but they must either have previous experience with any style flower arranging for larger size public spaces or be willing to take flower arranging classes.

Isabel Marbury-Mauro,

Grounds Team

The Grounds Team helps keep our campus beautiful and clean!  They help with watering plants and flowers, raking up leaves, adding mulch, etc.  Each year they hold two clean-up days (one in the spring, one in the fall) to invite the larger Cedar Lane community to help with major campus clean-ups and beautification.  These events are family-friendly.

Ellen Kelley,

Immigrant Justice

Dianne Seiffert,

Internship Team

The Internship Team supports the work of our intern ministers.   

Carolyn Morrissey,

Kiplinger Lecture Committee

The Kiplinger Team's task is to select a nationally known speaker to deliver the annual W. M. Kiplinger Lecture on Ethics in American Society. Help plan and promote one of Cedar Lane's largest speaking events.

Jessica Sawyer,

Labyrinth Team

The labyrinth team primarily creates labyrinth walking events that coincide with the seasonal changes.  Our biggest event happens on New Year's Eve each year.

Carol Edwards,

Library Team

The Library Team keeps the books in order and retire outdated books and rotates new books in.

Mary Morse,

Membership Engagement Ministry Team

The Membership Engagement Team looks to welcome newcomers and help them find their way into membership at Cedar Lane.  The team also helps monitor that members continue along the spectrum of faithful engagement.

Dianne Yaunches,

Memorial Coordinators

Memorial coordinators meet with families to discuss and plan the logistics of having a memorial service at Cedar Lane.  

Lyn Peters / Vicky Strella,

Memory Garden and Archives Team

The Memory Garden and Archives Team schedules dedications of new name plates on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend each year, but family members can order name plates at their convenience. Newsletter announcements in January alert members of the congregation to the deadline to order name plates for the specific dedication service. Family members or groups of interested individuals may make arrangements for a name plate.

The archives subcommittee, led by Glenis Bellais, organizes and protects the Cedar Lane historical documents, currently housed in Room 9 downstairs. Glenis and her assistants gather weekly to work on the archives.

Lyn Peters / Glenis Bellais,,

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee works to recruit members to join the Board of Trustees as well as the Nominating Committee, as team members finish up their terms.

Marilyn Hathaway,

Pastoral Visitors

The Pastoral Visitors Ministry of Cedar Lane UU Church are volunteers who have been trained to provide confidential service to others, under the leadership of the ministers and the Lay Coordinator for Pastoral Care. Their training includes developing the skills, such as active listening and supportive presence that are needed to provide an empathetic and trustworthy connection with those in need. Training also includes ongoing classes or workshops in particular subjects, such as dementia. Visitors are available for Cedar Lane UU Church members and friends in their home, hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center. Pastoral Visitor support is usually requested during times of life transition, such as illness or injury and recovery, death of a loved one, or confinement to a hospital or other facility.

Betsy Binckes,

Religious Education Ministry Team

This team formulates the church's policies on religious education, organizes and carries out all programs. They also service events related to Religious Education (RE). Adults interested in the growth and enrichment of our children and youth may contact us about opportunities to teach or assist in our RE program.

Travis Ploeger,

Safety Team

Andy Wilson (, Jack Welch (

Social Justice 

Social Justice Team: Moyo Myers / Sandy Shaw,

Action in Montgomery (AIM): Ron Outen ( / Dianne Yaunches ( / Robert Essink (

Beacon House: Wayne and Dottie Mara,

Dorothy Day's Men's Shelter: Don Cleary,

Environmental Justice Ministry: Jim Laurenson,

Interfaith Works Womens Shelter: Cat Kahn,

Partner Church Team: Carol Bertaut (, Charlene Zellmer (

Rwenena/Congo Kids: Annette Scarpitta,

Refugee Support Team: Cathy Knapper / Kay Gottesman,

Manna Food: Paige Emerson,

Shepherd's Table: Anne Fretz,

Rebuilding Together (Montgomery County): Greg Falcigno,

Immigrant Justice: Dianne Seiffert,

Together Diversity Team: Marge Dimond,

Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Team is dedicated to nurturing the members of Cedar Lane and their stewardship of our community through their generous donations of time, talent and treasure. One of our primary activities is leading the annual budget drive.

Sunday Lounge Table Assignments

Nancy organizes space for those looking to promote their upcoming programs, events and current opportunities in the Lounge on Sundays after worship services.

Nancy Janssen,

Sunday Morning Team

The Sunday Morning team coordinates ushers and greeters for worship services.

John Dunn,

We Care Team

While We Care is a committee of the church, it is an organized way to be together as a faith community, to become more than a collection of individuals. We Care is a way to support each other in times of distress. The We Care program connects Cedar Lane members and friends with tangible support in times of need. This support is organized by “neighborhood” so volunteers do not need to travel far to assist. We Care also helps Cedar Laners get to know one another and to stay connected to the congregation. The We Care neighborhood program is chaired by Helen Pechacek.

Helen Pechacek,

Worship Associates

Cedar Lane’s Worship Associate (WA) program promotes shared ministry by providing opportunities for lay people to play leadership roles in our Sunday morning worship services. Our ministers involve Worship Associates in a variety of ways, including: delivering the call to worship, offering the chalice lighting words, sharing community joys and sorrows, and voicing a reading selected for our communal worship. WAs may be asked to offer a short personal reflection or give a brief homily.

Mary Farrar,

Volunteer Coordinator

Carolyn Morrissey,

Central East Region Cluster

Linda Gianessi,

Liaison to Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ)

John Gubbings / Kay Scott,

Changes? Send to Carolyn Morrissey,


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