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2019-2020 Annual Pledge Drive is Kicking Off!

February 1, 2019

Cedar Lane’s vision / mission statement is bold. We dare ourselves to fully live it out. And, across the board, we’re doing so:

  • Our worship services are vibrant, with inspiring sermons, thoughtful reflections and wonderful music.
  • Our RE program serves the full spectrum of Cedar Laners -- from newcomers to longtime members, from tots to adults.
  • Our Immigrant Justice Ministry Team is challenging us to take concrete action to live out our values, exemplified by the presence of our sanctuary guest, Rosa.
  • Our Soul Matters and affinity groups are fostering connections and deepening a sense of belonging.
  • On Sundays, the worshipers gathered in our sanctuary are more diverse.
  • And, on top of all this, the success of our first Capital Campaign in twenty years will let us begin renovating our building, following through on aspirational strategy of Vision 2020 that will enable us to be much more welcoming.

In these and many other ways, Cedar Lane’s members are truly engaged in making love work here. Our lay leaders give generously of their time, talents and treasure. Our talented ministers and staff -- don’t even ask how many hours a week they really put in.

In the background, what makes it all work is having the money needed to keep this amazing congregation going each and every day. It’s what makes our Mission Possible.

That’s the theme of the campaign for the 2019 - 2020 pledge drive: MISSION POSSIBLE.

Those members who’ve been here a long time know that each year we ask that you make a pledge for the coming church year (it starts July 1). Some who have not yet made their first pledge may be wondering why we pledge and how much is expected. First, the why: Cedar Lane has to fund itself. Your pledges are vital: they comprise more than 65% of our annual budget. When developing the budget for the year ahead, knowing how much members and friends have pledged enables staff and board to plan with confidence.

The answer to how much is up to each member or friend. We UUs are better at asking questions than laying down firm answers or rules. We do it obliquely, through the power of suggestion. So look into the chalice flame, let your belly go soft and get into that suggestive trance. Breathe in, breathe out. Now open your eyes and look at the chart:

Ask yourself: what are the ways my family and I draw strength from Cedar Lane, from our spiritual home? Is that value reflected in my financial support? If I stretch, how large can I make my pledge? Should I increase my current pledge to better align with my values?

The chart can provide guidance. You alone know how much you need to pledge to make yourself feel great. For reference, our average pledge for the current year is $2170. Now, awaken slowly from your trance, pick up a pledge card and fill it out. Or, go to www.cedarlane.org/give.

This year, we’re introducing auto renew. Look for it on the pledge card or when you go online to pledge. If you opt in, you can set your pledge level for the next several years. This will be a huge help for planning -- and for your Generosity Team volunteers, too.

MISSION POSSIBLE kicks off Sunday, Feb 3 with Rev. Susan Frederick Gray, President of the UUA, in our pulpit. We can do this, Cedar Laners.

Stew Grubman and Mary Means
Co-Chairs, Generosity Team